At NextGen Planners we do things differently and our 2020 conference will be our biggest and best.


Over recent weeks we have seen other conferences, sporting events and even Glastonbury cancelled and it will come as no surprise that we have decided not to hold a physical conference on 25th June.

However, at NextGen Planners we like to do things differently and we believe that as a community, we can show what NextGen thinking can really achieve. So, we have decided to be true to our mantra of go big, or go home and we are going to go big.

Introducing the NextGen Planners Digital Conference

As the digital space is infinite, we are going to take up a bit more of it than we would have done with a physical conference and rather than just a single day, we are expanding the conference to a week of activities, celebrating what it means to be a NextGen Planner.

Here is an outline of the conference programme:

22nd June - 24 hour Global Commute, charity NextGenathon

We have had great fun producing the NextGen Planners Morning Commute for UK financial planners but we have members all over the world and that got us thinking. Why not do a morning show for all 24 time zones, inviting guests from the global financial planning community whilst at the same time, looking to fill a bit of the gap that coronavirus has left in the funding of some great charities. So, on 22nd June we will start at 08:30am BST and run a 30 minute show every hour for 24 hours. As we move through each time zone, we will welcome guests from around the world in a global celebration of financial planning and at the same time raise money for charities including The Stroke Association and CF Warriors.

23rd June - Your CPD Year in a Day

Spanning our five conference themes of The Adviser Gap, Innovation, Financial Planning, Financial Wellbeing and Leadership, this day is shaping up to be something special. Each theme will have 7 hours of live CPD content during the day. Conference delegates will be able to move between digital sessions picking the content that they want to see live but will also be given exclusive access to all of the video content after the event. 35 hours of structured CPD in one day.

24th June - The Conference before The Conference

A NextGen Planners conference wouldn’t be the same without out half day get together and celebration before the main conference day. So, we bring you the Digital Conference before The Conference. We are bringing back our popular Power Hour Sessions where you can chat for an hour at a time with a group of planners under Chatham House rules and help each other to resolve some of the challenges that you are finding on your journey as a planner. Over three hours, every hour, we mix the groups and look at a new set of challenges with a different set of people.

24th June - The NextGen Planners National Curry Night and Awards

One big advantage of infinite digital space is that we can open the NextGen Planners Curry Night to everyone. We will host a virtual curry night for all of our members but it is on a bring your own curry basis. What better way to celebrate our amazing community than bring everyone together and to add to the celebration we will be hosting our very first NextGen Planners Awards.

25th June - NextGen 2020

Everything you were looking forward to from the physical conference but digital.
5 massive themes, 30 speakers, breakout sessions, panel discussion, networking and much more.

26th June - The NextGen Planners Conference Extra

Traditionally, the day after the conference is a time for holding meetings with colleagues over breakfast or coffee before heading home. We have designed a virtual space for this to happen so that you can catch up with the people you have met during conference week and plan how you will stay in touch, work together and grow your network.

One more thing

Of course, NextGen Planners is built on community and friendship and we really like getting together with you guys. So when things have returned to normal and we can confidently put a date in the diary, we will invite all conference ticket holders to the NextGen Planners Big Bash. A day to celebrate the amazing community that we have built together.

30 speakers - 5 topic areas

The Advice Gap


Financial Wellbeing

Financial Planning



Online, Zoom


Mon 22 Jun 2020 8:30 am - Fri 26 Jun 2020 12:00 pm


Here is what delegates said after our 2019 conference

I think it’s completely fair to say that finding NextGen Planners has changed the course of my career and my life. Through this brilliant organisation I’ve not only found a new path, but made friends, been inspired and continually challenged to keep improving. If you are not a member, you should be.


NextGen Planners have become a huge part of my life. The Slack group is one of the apps I enjoy opening the most. Each day I learn something new and having an army of enthusiastic professionals to draw wisdom from is invaluable to the development of me and my business.


Absolutely great day (at the conference), so much to think about and to put into action. Great group of people, all so helpful and giving of time and effort. I have benefited so much from this group."


I would have been lost without NextGen Planners. I have learned so much from this fantastic community. It has had a hugely positive effect on my business and the quality of planning we provide our clients.”



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