Practice Manager

The Paraplanners

The Paraplanners is hiring a practice manager to help us operate better and achieve our plans. Your responsibilities will range from playing an active role in the leadership team to working with the directors and the team to achieve the business plan by ensuring our policies and processes are the best they can be.

About the job

Like many small businesses, we have combined doing the ‘day job’ of paraplanning with a second job of running and managing the company. Managing the business well is vital to our future success and now is the right time to bring in someone special to focus on it. This job is all about making things run better and smoother around here. Working with the leadership team, your projects and responsibilities will include:

  • Team leadership
  • Implementing and refining processes and procedures
  • Human resources
  • Compliance and finance
  • IT management
  • Business marketing

You will be supported by specialist external consultants in some of these areas.

About you

We’re looking for an ambitious practice manager who is seeking an opportunity to help shape the future of our firm and be part of the leadership team. You must get excited about people, processes and business development. Your days will be full of variety with responsibilities ranging from keeping our business plans on course to ensuring we maintain our sickness and holiday records! To us, that means someone who:

  • Cuts though the noise and gets straight to the detail
  • Is a great communicator
  • Can deliver great results/outcomes within specific timeframes
  • Applies experience to anticipate next steps and come up with effective solutions
  • Has a proactive approach
  • Can stand their ground and hold others to account when needed
  • Is an excellent team leader who helps individuals to realise their potential
  • Is able to bring the entire team together to make our vision a reality
  • Is a creator and implementer of processes and procedure with a knowledge of IT, compliance, finance & marketing
  • Has the skills to do an excellent job and ability to understand the technicalities involved within our industry

You don’t need to have a financial services background but must be willing to learn. Experience of working in a small business would be useful. We want to hire the best person no matter where you are. We are currently based in South Oxfordshire but our company lives in the cloud. If you’re not local, that’s fine. Our team can and do work from anywhere at any time.

Get in touch

If you have questions, queries or would like to make a suggestions, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us.