Martin Mellor on the transition from the corporate world to running your own firm

In this episode, Rohan speaks to Martin Mellor from the award-winning Mellor Financial Management.

This episode covers a very NextGen topic of starting your own business and being a young entrepreneur. Martin talks about how he found the process of transitioning from the corporate world to running his own firm (via an entrepreneur accelerator with Rohan), his views on when a business should take a CFO/FD on and tips for starting your own business.


Martin has worked for companies such as British Aerospace, RBS and Halifax. He spent around 5 years working with private bankers and wealth managers at Lloyds Banking Group and now spends his time working with ambitious business owners who lack the time, resource or expertise to meet the increasing demands of financial management. He also spends time training business owners and their teams, who need to understand and make better use of financial information.

Mellor’s style is to cut out jargon and to ensure that he delivers in a relaxed, yet informative way providing external validation to fit with the requirements of his clients.

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