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Originally founded by Adam Carolan and Rohan Sivajoti as a community for best practice for younger planners, the demand for content, training and other services meant that we formalised it into a proper business.


That meant looking for experts in their specialist area, whilst staying true to our belief that for financial planners to succeed in the modern era, they had to “be good or be gone”.

We’ve got over 300 financial planners, paraplanners and finance professionals in the community, sending over 1,000 messages a month between them across all age groups. Our community is a hive for great ideas and best practice in the financial planning profession.

Adam Carolan

Co-founder of NextGen Planners. He’s also the managing director of Manchester-based financial planning firm Xentum.

Rohan Sivajoti

Co-founder of NextGen Planners and the director of Postcard Planning, a financial planning firm in Darlington.

Adam Owen

Adam is the Learning & Curriculum Director at NextGen Planners and is also the former PFS President. His aim is to be a go-to source for guidance across the financial planning profession.

Jo Little

Non-Executive Director of NextGen Planners and Director of Hertfordshire-based financial planning firm Emery Little.

Dan Graham

Head of Community Experience and Marketing at NextGen Planners and Marketing & Operations Director at Postcard Planning in Darlington.

Clare Delaney

Personal Assistant to NextGen Learning & Curriculum Director Adam Owen and former Operations Director at TWP Wealth in Cheshire.

We are always listening to the thoughts and ideas of people outside the profession as well as within it, and crucially other young professionals trying to carve out their own career. You’ll hear many of those people in our podcasts and speaking at our events, but most important are the ideas we share amongst ourselves.

That’s the real value of the community we’ve developed.

I think it’s completely fair to say that finding NextGen Planners has changed the course of my career and my life. Through this brilliant organisation I’ve not only found a new path, but made friends, been inspired and continually challenged to keep improving. If you are not a member, you should be.


NextGen Planners have become a huge part of my life. The community is one of the apps I enjoy opening the most. Each day I learn something new and having an army of enthusiastic professionals to draw wisdom from is invaluable to the development of me and my business.


Absolutely great day (at the conference), so much to think about and to put into action. Great group of people, all so helpful and giving of time and effort. I have benefited so much from this group."


I would have been lost without NextGen Planners. I have learned so much from this fantastic community. It has had a hugely positive effect on my business and the quality of planning we provide our clients.”



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